A successful operation of the Ministry of Finance confirms investors confidence to co-invest in infrastructure development

The Ministry of Finance, within the framework to strengthen its actions for the economic reactivation, carried out a management operation of the stock market liabilities of the National Infrastructure Fund (FONADIN), which obtained a total amount equivalent to 23,853 million pesos, where it took advantage of the low rates of interest to strengthen its finances and thus be able to continue as the Federal Government’s vehicle to promote infrastructure development and continue to co-invest, with the private sector, in projects with high social impact.

The issuance of new certificates reached a total demand of 2.63 times the amount placed, and the coupon rates were determined with the lowest surcharges in history with respect to UDIBONOS for the terms issued. This is the largest exchange between Stock Certificates in the history of the local market of the same issuer.

Source: Ministry of Finance

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