The CRE will work with the National Center for Energy Control in the development of the Fourth Long Term Electric Auction in order to help the Basic Services Provider and the Load Responsible Entities anticipate their needs for Energy, Power and Energy Certificates Clean, through competitive processes.

Source: CENACE

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Announces the list of companies interested in prequalifying to participate in the First Tender of Round Three

  • The National Hydrocarbons Commission approved the Final version of the Bidding Guidelines of this tender.
  • There are 20 companies interested in prequalifying as Operators and 10 as Non-Operators

The Mexican Government presents the tender of Round 3.3 of unconventional resources

53 percent of the oil wealth that still remains in the subsoil is located in unconventional deposits. As a consequence, 84 percent of the consumption of natural gas in the country is covered by the import of the molecule.
Only the Burgos basin has 55 percent more prospective resources than Eagle Ford, in Texas, equivalent to 40 years of our annual natural gas imports.

Source: SENER

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