CONSAR publishes its 6th working paper “Pension Funds Investments in Infrastructure”

The document discusses the importance of infrastructure investments for economic growth and the role of pension funds in Mexico and throughout the world to finance its development.

This paper makes reference to successful experiences of countries like Canada and Australia, whose pension funds represent important investors in infrastructure, and describes the path followed by Mexico. Today, pension fund managers have a modest, but increasing, exposure to infrastructure, so there are significant opportunities for the growth in this asset class.

Source: Consar

First Energy and Infrastructure Investment Trust (known as Fibra E) specialized in the electric sector in Mexico of MXP 16.4 billion

CFE issued the first Energy and Infrastructure Investment Trust (also known as Fibra E) specialized in the electric sector in Mexico. CFE raised MXP 16.4 billion through instruments placed in the Mexican Stock Exchange with a demand exceeding MXP 25 billion.

This transaction included the participation of institutional investors, private banks and investment funds in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Source: CFE

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Results of the Fourth Tender of Round Two

  • 19 contracts for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico were awarded to 11 companies grouped in 11 bidders.
  • The awarded contracts have an associated investment over the next 35 years of approximately USD 92.8 billion.
  • The State will receive an average of 64.7% to 67.2% of the profits generated from the awarded contracts, as well as USD 525 million dollars derived from the winning offers.

• The prospective resources associated with the awarded contracts are 2,798 million barrels of crude oil equivalent.

Fuente: SENER

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