Results of the First Call for Bids, Round Two

Ten contracts were awarded for the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons in shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico to 12 companies grouped in 10 bidders.

The assigned contracts have an associated investment of approximately 8.2 billion dollars over the next 30-40 years.

The State will receive, on average, between 77.4% and 83.9% of the profits generated in the contracts awarded, as well as a cash payment of US $ 30 million resulting from a tie in the contractual area 9.


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The National Infrastructure Program (NIP) will be 100 percent completed

The SCT will complete 100 percent  the National Infrastructure Program (NIP) with an investment of more than 1.44 trillion pesos, the most important figure in the history of the federal entity, which includes the allocation of resources throughout the country to ports, airports, trains, roads, highways and telecommunications.

Source: SCT

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